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KATU2 ABC News Feature: Wolfers Technical Academy

The original article and featured live segment appear on the KATU2 website » It’s a one of its kind in Oregon training academy. Chris Penn, Lead HVAC Technical Trainer with Wolfer’s Technical Academy, joined us to share how it was developed to address the shortage of qualified HVAC maintenance technicians. The Academy trains students to […]

HVAC Install -The Great Dilemma, Repair or Replace?

The Great Dilemma: Repair or Replace Deciding whether to repair or replace your HVAC system can be a difficult decision. That’s why our team of experts at Wolfer’s have laid out a list of key indicators that will help you make your decision. By the end, you should have the confidence that comes with understanding […]

How Much Does Replacing Your HVAC System Really Cost?

Are you in the market for a new HVAC system but aren’t sure what it may end up costing you? We know that it can be overwhelming. Having an accurate cost in mind for an HVAC replacement can help you budget and provide insight into your future investment. Type of HVAC System  One common factor […]

Living Without Air Conditioning Can Damage Your Brain

Most people know that air conditioning is a necessity during summer, but some people actually live without it. That’s typically because they think it’s too expensive for them to have their A/C system repaired or replaced. We know that not staying cool enough during summer can take its toll on you physically, but it can […]

Four Hacks to Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer Heat

The most obvious way to stay cool during the heat is to stay indoors and turn down your air conditioning. While that’s an easy and effective way to stay cool, it can get expensive if you do it for the whole summer. You can still use your A/C reasonably if you pair it with some […]

How UV Germicidal Lights Promote Cleaner Indoor Air

You may be familiar with ultraviolet lamps as used in tanning beds, theatrical black lights, and counterfeit money detection. But did you know germicidal UV lights also work with your HVAC system to improve indoor air quality? UV lights may not replace conventional HVAC air filters, but they work in conjunction with them to further […]

Energy-Saving Tips for Summer

Are you doing everything possible to keep costs down on your summer utility bills? There’s almost always room for improvement, so consider these energy-saving tips for summer to increase efficiency and save money in the coming months. Shade Your Windows Block solar heat gain by covering the windows with blinds, drapes, shades and shutters during […]

The Connection Between Allergies and Duct Cleaning

Millions of Americans suffer from allergies, but many of your problems could be coming from inside your own home. Your air conditioner’s ducts could be making your allergies a lot worse than they need to be. When those ducts are covered in dust, that same dust ends up blowing through your home each time the […]

How to Prevent Thieves from Stealing Your Air Conditioner

If you haven’t heard about thieves targeting air conditioners, it’s not too late to secure yours and make it more difficult for them. Thieves use air conditioners for scrap metal, typically getting around $20 for all the parts. It’s pretty sad that someone would go to these lengths just for some pocket change, but it […]

Is Your HVAC System Ready for Summer?

As temperatures start to warm up you’ll soon be depending on your home’s air conditioning to keep you cool. You don’t want to wait until it gets hot outside only to turn on the A/C and find out it’s not working properly. By that time, it’s too late and you’ll be sweating it out waiting […]