A destination of enjoyment: Lacamas Park

Lacamas Park has a diversified natural surrounding and habitat with a ‘wild’ feel for a park. There is various fun stuff one can do in this beautiful place, these include a picnic by the lake, and you can check out the Camas meadow in bloom or inspect the forest and creeks along the numerous trails at the site. This tramp tells a “lollipop” loop beginning at the south end of the park, visiting the eye-catching Lower Falls, then going through Round Lake and returning along Lacamas Creek, Vancouver. As a forested oasis, it is in a fast-developing suburban setting. Lacamas Regional Park provides a fascinating sampling of landforms and habitats.

Geographical Location of Lacamas Park-

Lacamas Park is famous for picnicking, boating, hiking, fishing, and swimming. It is located in the North of Washougal on State Road. One of its specialties is hiking. The Hiking trails cover the areas of Lacamas Park, giving a sight of the natural surroundings and habitat. The distinctive dark blue Camas lilies get bigger abundantly in this area. The blooming season is generally in mid-April.

The northern portion of Lacamas Park holds a picnic shelter, restrooms, and playground zones. Lacamas Creek becomes a rushing stream cascading across a distinctive brick development called the Pot Holes. There are large old-growth trees and other native birds that attract bird watchers. The park has a diversified mixture of interconnected trails joined together in many different ways. If you’re not paying close notice, it’s simple to drive right by and not at any time know this out of sight little oasis exists here.

At the end of the last Ice Age, massive floods occurred in this region which swept down the Columbia River and destructed the landscape. This incident is creating exposed rock scablands and shallow depressions. The track is wide and covered with stones as it works its way to a picnic spot and Lower Water Falls. You can watch for mushrooms in the forest duff.


All the natural beauty surrounds Lacamas Park. It is one of the best locations for picnics, hiking, enjoying with your family and friends. The destination is covered with diversified natural stuff.

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