Experience boating at Lewis and Clark Lake

Lewis and Clark Lake is one of the state park’s most liked resort parks; three separate campgrounds comprise this modern recreation region, with fascinating visitors from the Midwest. The modern resort facilities include marinas to camping cabins, to sandy beaches. These not only attract water lovers to Lewis and Clark. It is situated at the western gateway of the Columbia River Gorge; Lewis & Clark State Park is located near the mouth of the Sandy River, where it knocked over into the mighty Columbia River and at the west end of the Historic Columbia River Highway. A flat, grassy, tree-dotted park invites blankets and sun-lovers to come to utilize a spare time day.

The park includes various entertainment sites; this includes a public boat launch and is adjacent to a famous swim hole. In the main site of Lewis and Clark Lake, Vancouver a trail climbs the cliffs to Broughton’s Bluff, which works as a frontier between the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Span and to the neighboring Willamette Valley to the west. This 160′ high series of cliffs gives excellent year-round rock climbing.

Certain guidelines you should follow while traveling-

  • You should be aware of swift currents and hidden obstructions in the river.
  • The important guideline is not to swim, float, paddle or boat without a life jacket.
  • You should wear a life jacket, and make sure it fits properly.
  • A life jacket credit station is situated along the river, with life jackets of various sizes available.
  • Boaters: check ahead for obstructions on the Oregon State Marine There is the Board’s Reported Obstructions and Alerts page.
  • Alcohol is not allowed on the beach, but you can have alcohol in the park and picnic area.


Lewis and Clark Lake are one the best-preserved sites by the state. One of the best locations for boating. You have to do one thing: follow the guidelines properly. There are various entertainment staff present at this site, including archery, basketball, biking, etc. You should visit this amazing and complete entertainment site with your friends and family.

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