MARRION is a town in Grant County, Indiana, located in Vancouver, United States. According to the 2010 United States Census, the population was 29,948. Grant County’s County seat is in this city. It was named after Francis MARRION, a South Carolina Brigadier General during the American Revolutionary War.

When online and regional campuses in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois are combined, Indiana Wesleyan Institution is the biggest evangelical Christian university in the Midwest and Indiana’s largest private university. Around 2,800 students attend the traditional campus. MARRION’s mayor, Jess Alumbaugh, has been in office since 2016.

The MARRION High School complex contains a 1,468-seat community auditorium home to the MARRION Philharmonic Orchestra, the Community School for the Arts, and the Mississinewa Valley Community Band is one of MARRION’s most noteworthy architectural relics. The MARRION Public Library is a lending library in the city.

MARRION Giants, the eight-time state champions, play in the 7,500-seat Bill Green Athletic Arena. The city runs a 2.75-mile (4.43-kilometer) Riverwalk from downtown to Matter Park, and the YMCA Memorial Coliseum, which was recently rebuilt for $9 million, honors war veterans. This was the Giants’ old home, erected after winning their first State Basketball Championship in 1926.

The Hostess House, a publicly owned estate, is utilized for social gatherings, and MARRION General Hospital has been nationally certified for over half a century. MARRION General Hospital has just been recognized as a Magnet Hospital.

MARRION’s manufacturing sector produces automotive components, paper goods, foundry items, equipment, wire, and cable. MARRION was the birthplace of the paper plate business, with five of the country’s nine facilities situated there in its early years. Because MARRION is located in the Corn Belt, agriculture continues to be a significant element of the local economy. Specialty crops like tomatoes enhance corn, soybeans, and hog production.

MARRION’s Thomson SA factory closed in 2004, leaving the city in a state of economic decline. A fire damaged the northern half of the Thomson building on June 13, 2007. Ball-Foster, SCM (formerly Ampad) Paper Company, and the Malleable Iron Works are among the MARRION plants that have closed in recent decades (both on the far west side along Miller Avenue). However, in the mid-to-late-2000s, the city made strides in luring new enterprises.

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