North Garrison Heights

With a population of 4,564 people, North Garrison Heights is Vancouver, Washington. Clark County is home to North Garrison Heights. Inhabitants of North Garrison Heights enjoy a combination of urban and suburban living, with most residents owning their houses. There are numerous coffee shops and parks in North Garrison Heights. North Garrison Heights is a conservative neighborhood with many young professionals and seniors. North Garrison Heights has above-average public schools.

You will want to determine where you want to live before looking for a house. Demographics, surrounding schools, amenities, the local culture, and other variables can all impact where you choose to live. If you’re thinking about relocating to North Garrison Heights, Vancouver, there are a few things you can do to see if it is the right place for you.

In North Garrison Heights, how are the schools, restaurants, and shopping?

The nearest grocery is usually only a short walk away in North Garrison Heights region. A few restaurants and cafes are also available to residents. Most properties for sale in this neighborhood are within walking distance of both elementary and secondary schools when it comes to schooling. North Garrison Heights is ideal for folks who enjoy peace, as the streets are typically quiet.

What are the different types of homes available in North Garrison Heights?

North Garrison Heights is made up equally of homeowners and renters. The most common housing form in this neighborhood is single detached homes, which account for around half of all dwellings. The remainder consists primarily of significant apartment buildings, duplexes, and townhouses. In this region of Vancouver, the average year of construction for homes is 1982.

What are the most efficient modes of transportation in North Garrison Heights?

Most properties for sale in this community are in walkable regions; many daily errands may be completed on foot. North Garrison Heights is a car-friendly neighborhood. Most residences for sale are only a short drive from the nearest highway, and finding a parking spot is extremely easy. However, taking public transportation in this area might be extremely challenging due to the occasional service. Fortunately, most properties are close to a bus stop, and residents can access a few bus routes.

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