Enjoy the Historical Ambience of Old Town Chinatown-For Perfect Short Trips

It is one of the vintage neighborhoods of Northwest Portland filled with extravaganza. Beginning from some authentic Chinese restaurants, pubs, traditional guardians, this original downtown bustling region will get you all covered. It is also a hub of streetwear shopping.

Major Characteristics of Old Town Chinatown

It is an area that is the culmination of different office spaces, restaurants, and pubs. People residing in this region know this place owing to three important places-Portland Saturday Market, Classical Chinese Garden, and Portland Voodoo Doughnut. It is also the home of some of the classic iron buildings. The neighborhood is covered with some enchanting historical figures with a fantastic location in the vicinity of the riverfront. Old Town is covered with tourists and those who want amazing nightlife.

Talking about nightlife, there are plenty of options, including Ground Kontrol and Darcelle XV. Ground Kontrol is an arcade or a bar, whereas Darcelle XV is a burlesque drag show that helps you explore various places where you can drink and have quality time. Moreover, these places are quite convenient, and you can reach them by walking.

Notable Landmarks at Old Town Chinatown

Lan Su Chinese Garden

This is one of the vibrant areas of Portland Downtown, established in 2000. It came into existence because of the partnership between Portland and Suzhou, the sister city of China. It is covered with different pagodas, ponds, and greenery, which is not available in other regions of Portland.

Union Station

Since it was established in the late 1800s, it gives easy transportation of goods from different parts of the country to the city, Railroad giant known as Ben Holladay pierced through the main city of Portland in 1868, he built various railroads. But there are central stations from where trains can transit as well.

Heritage Neighbourhood with Mansions-Love for City Dwellers

It is one of those neighborhoods with historical buildings and apartments. This is the home of the Portland Chinese Garden, and the area is covered with new mansions and buildings. So, even if you are a newbie, you will love to explore this city.

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