Plumbing Leaks and Repairs in Northwest Oregon & Portland

Having a leaky pipe can not only be time consuming and difficult to repair they can be difficult to detect. And, if you don’t catch it early, they can be expensive to fix. Buried pipes are vulnerable to shifting soils. If the soil moves too much, pipes can develop leaks. A slow leak beneath a home can cause the soil to shift more, which makes the leak worse. The potential for increasing damage makes early pipe leak detection essential.  Even the smallest leak can have devastating results. A tiny leak the size of a pinhead can waste 360,000 gallons per year, enough to fill 12,000 bathtubs to overflowing. 

In severe cases, the foundation slab and flooring fail sending water into every room on the ground floor, ruining floor coverings, furniture, water heaters and appliances. When that happens, water leak repair is only one of several serious repairs that need to be made.

Leak detection plays a vital role in keeping your home safe and dry. You would much rather locate a suspected leak than to do major repair work afterward. But how do you know when to call your plumbing repair company, Wolfer’s?

You need Wolfer’s Home Service for leak detection if:

  • Your water bill increases for no apparent reason
  • You hear water running when no taps are open
  • You see foundation cracks
  • Grass and foundation plants grow unevenly
  • There is a visible shift in the soil around your home
  • You have warm spots on slab floors
  • You have discolored walls or floor coverings, such as darkened hardwood
  • You smell bad odors coming from floors or walls
  • You have damp areas on drywall on ceilings or walls

Preventive Plumbing Inspections Provides Early Leak Detection

Leak detection is a vital part of maintaining your home’s plumbing system, so it functions efficiently and safely. You stand to save a lot of money on needlessly high-water bills and expensive water leak repairs. Wolfer’s recommends annual plumbing tune-ups. Annual plumbing tune-ups are the best way to spot little problems before they have a chance to become serious issues.

Our licensed plumbers will perform an extensive inspection of your plumbing system and fixtures, including a water pressure test. Low pressure may indicate a leak. Many people find that an annual plumbing inspection a valuable investment.

An important part of owning a home is having a complete home service contractor with the right skills and experience for the job you need completed. For over a century, Wolfer’s Home Services has been the contractor of choice for quality-minded customers. We offer complete HVAC and indoor air quality services as well as complete plumbing services, and water treatment designed specifically for your home or business. Besides the fact that we have earned a reputation for being the best in the business, there are many more reasons to choose Wolfer’s for all your home service needs. Contact us today or call 503-220-1901 to work with a company that’s dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction.