Sewer Line Repair

A clogged sewer line creates big problems with your plumbing which can only be cleared up with professional sewer line repair. If you’ve noticed that your drains are draining slowly or you hear a gurgling sound coming from your toilet bowl, it’s time to give our professional plumbers a call.  Our plumbing experts will start with a video sewer inspection to find the cause of the problem and then help you decide on the best course of action for your repairs.

Sewer line damage can be caused by many different things. One of the main causes is tree roots. Tree roots constantly seek moisture and often finding it in sewer lines. Older clay pipes are most susceptible to invasion because they are easily cracked. Tree roots use these tiny cracks to get water, which increases the damage. Over time, tree roots can penetrate more durable concrete and PVC pipes.  When you plan your landscaping projects, you need to give your sewer line plenty of room.  

In addition to tree root damage, broken or clogged sewer lines can have other causes. Objects, like a child’s toy, can find their way into the line and become lodged. Extreme temperature changes and general deterioration of the pipe can cause sewer lines to twist, bend or break. Broken sewer lines are commonly caused in soils susceptible to ground shifting. Improperly installed sewer lines can lead to misalignment.

One of our tools to identify sewer line blockages is a camera inspection. A tiny, flexible sewer camera attached to a snake-like cable is fed feed through the sewer pipe until it reaches the cause of the clog or break. A radio transmitter on the camera records the physical location of the line and depth from the surface. This allows the plumber to locate exactly where the blockage is and what work needs to be done to repair it.

Work with someone you can trust

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