Vancouver Waterfront: An attractive destination

Vancouver Waterfront is one and a half-mile from the south-facing riverfront; Its location gives a sense of dynamic reconnection to its waterfront. Being a famous destination, Vancouver Waterfront Park is a 7.3-acre waterfront park in Vancouver, Washington, in the United States. You can bring your kids to play in the City of Vancouver Waterfront Park that has an open lawn for cartwheels, an urban beach for sandcastles, and seating zones that are perfect for picnics. The Waterfront Renaissance Trail joins the park from Vancouver’s urban area to Wintler Park.

The most striking portions of its development are:

  • A state-of-the-art cable-stayed pier makes a spectacular waterfront entranceway with parks, fountains and open spaces.

The master plan of Vancouver Waterfront proposes:

  • 3,300 new residential units,
  • There are over 1.25 million square feet of Class A creative office space,
  • A boutique hotel,
  • Flagship restaurants,
  • And unique retail areas.

This idea has a lot more important because it has a $1.5 billion mixed-use growth that has altered and ushered the whole metropolitan Vancouver/Portland area. This distinctive, public/private collaborative partnership between the City of Vancouver, Columbia Waterfront LLC and Gramor Development, Inc. generated the chances to change the Columbia Waterfront west of the I-5 Interstate Bridge. The construction for the first stage began in November 2015, with the first buildings opening in summer 2018. Upon its accomplishment, this new urban neighborhood will fetch more than 10,000 jobs, as well as over $385 million to the area’s economy.

Vancouver Waterfront Park covers the 32 acres of south-facing waterfront real property. It extends the urban base to the Columbia riverfront and is the centerpiece for metropolitan Vancouver/Portland. The masterpiece of this project, i.e., state-of-the-art green spaces, includes walking and biking trails, public parks, and natural habitats. Vancouver Waterfront Park also includes a class-A creative office, riverfront residences, boutique hotels, flagship restaurants, retail and cultural areas, and these facilities.


Vancouver Waterfront Park is a new project that covers all the required entertainment sites. Perfect for your kids and family. It not only offers enjoyment but at the same time generates employment.

Waterfront Renaissance Trail Vancouver WA

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