Washington Park

Washington Park is open, but individual attractions have their own reopening plans. The World Forestry Center is currently closed. Please see the latest COVID19-related health and safety guidelines and reopening information on the Washington Park website. Parking spaces in Washington Park are extremely limited; Tram, bus, and walking are the best ways to get to the park.

From September 7 to October 1, 2021, construction projects within the park will result in road closures, diversions and parking restrictions at the north end of the park. In addition, the Washington Park Free Shuttle will operate on a narrow route and the Lewis and Clark Memorial Stop will be closed. The next stop is the Holocaust Memorial.

Portland’s signature park isn’t just filled with tall trees and picnic tables. Located just three kilometers west of downtown and accessible by MAX light rail, the 410-acre Washington Park offers a zoo, two museums, a spectacular rose garden, one of the most authentic Japanese gardens in the world, all surrounded by Forest Park, on 5,100 acres, one of the leading urban wilderness in the country.

Attractions for Children

Steller’s sea lions, mountain goats, and prides of lions attract many people to the Oregon Zoo. But the biggest stars are the Asian elephants, which enjoy a modern habitat that allows visitors to see them up close. There’s no bad time to visit: From summer concerts to Halloween Trick or Treat to Holiday Zoo Lights, Portland’s beloved zoo shines in all seasons

Forests have never been more interesting thanks to the World’s Discovery Museum Forestry Center, a Portland- Icon since 1971. Timber construction that you can see. Experience a forest in the northwest from a bird’s eye view, “travel” to forests around the world and learn more about the future of sustainable forestry. (Outside the museum, visitors can also see the 4,536 kg, 5 million year old fossilized stump of a giant sequoia tree.

Washington Park Playground just south of the Rose Garden is amazing, complete with slides, giant castle structures, ramps, bridges, and swings. Come on Arrive in style with the Oregon Zoo Team Train, which stops just yards away.

Gardens Galore

Aporot Sweets, Burgundy Iceberg, Rapesody in Blue: These are just a few of the 722 different varieties that are represented among the more than 10,000 bushes of Rose to Ogle, Care and Naturally at the International Rose Test Garden. Grab a hiking map and explore 19 km of hiking trails, discovering exotic trees such as the Chilean monkey puzzle, weeping sequoias, and a variety of flowering specimens such as dogwood and magnolias.

The Wildwood Trail is designated a National Recreation Trail and is 30 miles long, runs the full length of Forest Park, and offers endless loop options with shorter trails. The trail begins northwest of Washington Park MAX station.

Perfect for a little city adventure, the 4T Trail, a well-marked 7.2 km trail that guides hikers on a unique city route, the trails, a train, a trolley bus (also known as the Portland Tram), and the Portland Skytram. Take the path that follows the 4T signs outside the Washington Park MAX station. a full day TriMet pass is required.


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