Water Filtration

When you turn on the faucet in your home, you hope that the water flowing from it is safe. For the most part, it is safe to use for washing, drinking and any other use, Water traveling in the water supply from the treatment facility to your home can still have contaminants in it. Pesticides, chemicals and minerals are all still found in your water to some degree. Chemicals in the water can interact with lead and other metals found in water main pipes. Minerals can interact with each other to create build-up and lime scale. Water main breaks can introduce pesticides, bacteria and viruses into you water supply.  

These impurities can cause your pipes to become brittle, clog, and make your plumbing system inefficient and leaky. In-home water treatment can solve many of the problems and concerns you may have with water quality. Wolfer’s offers a low-cost water quality test to determine your specific needs. High-quality water treatment systems are an important consideration for clean, safe water.

Water filtration systems are designed to remove various contaminants from the water, including chemicals, minerals, and bacteria. This filtration can occur as the water enters the home, as in whole house filtration systems or it can occur at the point of use, like a kitchen faucet. One of the most effective systems is a whole house carbon water filtration system. This type of system protects your entire plumbing system from hard water, chemical interactions, scale and damage. Water used for showers, cooking, and laundry are free of impurities. Water is absorbed by the skin and lungs and impurities may cause skin irritation or increase breathing problems.

Using carbon in water filtration is one of the oldest technologies on the planet. These types of filters cover a broad spectrum of contaminants in your water. Some of the benefits of carbon are:

  • Carbon block filters are incredibly porous and allows water to be absorbed and cleaned by merely passing through it, which is very energy efficient
  • Chemical free 
  • Very little to no maintenance involved. Depending on your average water consumption, you’ll need to replace the filter from time to time. 
  • Low cost – Carbon is a naturally occurring material. 
  • Better tasting water because carbon absorbs unpleasant odors
  • Environmentally friendly. By refilling your reusable water bottles with your filtered water at home will save money on plastic water bottles. One carbon filter can save the equivalent of 300 plastic water bottles!
  • Better health – drinking purified water helps protect the body from illness or diseases
  • Energy efficient – carbon filters don’t require any additional electricity or water pressure; gravity does all the work.

Removing impurities is important to the efficiency and reliability of the plumbing system as well as the overall health of your family. Filtered water has no odor and taste great. Better tasting water promotes more water consumption.  To eliminate many water quality issues, Wolfer’s recommends whole house water filtration to remove contaminants and chemicals in your homes plumbing system. 

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