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Low-Cost Ways to Save Energy in Your Commercial Facility

hanging LED lightbulb

If you’re looking to cut overhead in your commercial facility, energy costs are the place you should start. The operation of your building’s HVAC system likely makes up at least half of your overall energy costs. You might think that the only way you can cut your energy costs is by spending money on equipment upgrades, but that usually isn’t the case. Check out some low-cost ways to save energy in your commercial facilities.

Energy Audits

Whether you conduct an audit yourself or hire a consultant, it makes sense to start by determining how much energy you are using and where you are using it. Review energy bills for the last year and have a full inspection of your building’s HVAC equipment and lighting conducted.


Replacing or repairing compromised insulation is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to save money on energy. The EPA has estimated that you can save 10 to 20% on your energy bill just by sealing air leaks. Your work environment will also be more comfortable for your employees without drafts.

LED Lighting

Energy efficient lighting can save a lot of money in the long run. Replacing old incandescent lighting with LED lighting won’t cost you much up front and can save you 75% in operating costs according to the EPA.


Many businesses don’t use a lot of appliances, but if you have a kitchen area, that may be costing you money. Refrigerators and water coolers are expensive to operate. Vending machines use a lot of energy so you should take a look at how much they are costing you versus how much money you make from them.

An HVAC system tune-up can also keep your energy costs down and lower the chances of needing major repairs in the future. Contact Wolfers Heating at 503-220-1901.