Reliable Furnace Repair in Portland & Vancouver

Imagine a northwest winter without any heat in your home. It’s not an ideal situation. Luckily, Wolfer’s Home Services team has a solution to keep your furnace running strong during the Portland winters.

Our furnace repair services allow your home’s heating to remain stable, no matter how intense the cold is. Since 1901, Wolfer’s has provided outstanding furnace services to Northwest Oregon and Vancouver, WA. This vast experience has allowed us to gain the knowledge needed to help your home.

If you need furnace repair services in Northwest Oregon, call 503-220-1901 to schedule an appointment with Wolfer’s.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Professional Repair

With how fast life moves, it can be hard to know when your furnace needs to be repaired. If you’ve noticed the following signs, it’s time to schedule a repair appointment:

  • Leaky system: There shouldn’t be fluids coming from or pooling around your furnace, so if you’ve noticed this with your system, you need to schedule furnace repair services.
  • Odd banging noises: While furnaces create some noises, they shouldn’t be distracting or overly noticeable.
  • No heat: The point of a furnace is to provide heat for your home, which is why a system failing to do that is a prime candidate for repair services.
  • Spike in heat bill: You should have a good idea of your average heating bill, so an unexpected jump in your heating costs could point to a system malfunction.

If you’ve noticed these signs in your Vancouver, WA, home, call 503-220-1901 and schedule furnace repair services with the Wolfer’s team today.

Top-Rated Furnace Repair

The key to excellent service is having transparency with any job. Our team prides itself on informing you of our process and what to expect during a furnace repair job.

Once our team arrives, our technician will inspect your unit, identify the issue, and create a solution plan. After you approve the solution, our team will apply the fix and test your system to ensure your furnace functions correctly. 

Does your Portland, OR, home need furnace repair? Call 503-220-1901 to schedule a furnace repair appointment with Wolfer’s today.

Choose Wolfer’s for Furnace Repair

With over 120 years of heating experience, there isn’t a better choice for furnace repair than Wolfer’s. Along with our wealth of knowledge, every Wolfer’s job comes with financing options and upfront pricing to ensure you’re never blindsided. To instill a standard of greatness, our technicians strictly follow the Five-Star Standards of Performance, allowing us to give the best service possible.

Second to none since 1901! Call Wolfer’s at 503-220-1901 to schedule a furnace repair job in Northwest Oregon, including Vancouver, WA, today.

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the issue that must be addressed. Every repair job is different so that the range can take anywhere from 15 minutes to over four hours.

The best way to reduce the breakdowns of your furnace is by scheduling annual maintenance for your system. Maintenance appointments are a great way to fix minor issues before they grow into needing repairs.

While you can do some repairs yourself, it is better to use a professional. Professionals have access to more training and better equipment, providing a better fix.