Mini-Split HVAC Systems

Ductless Mini-Slit System

Mini-split HVAC systems or ductless HVAC systems are extremely efficient and provide consistent room comfort. ENERGY STAR ductless HVAC units can save up to 30 percent on heating and cooling costs for the space desired, and you may qualify for local utility incentives as well.  

Ductless systems allow you to control the temperature in individual rooms or spaces by providing both heating and cooling. Mini-split systems have two main components; the outdoor compressor/condenser and the indoor air-handling unit (evaporator). They are easy to install, usually requiring only a three-inch hole through a wall for the conduit. The conduit contains the electrical power and communication cables, copper tubing, and a condensation drain line, linking the outdoor and indoor units. Mini-split systems are most often used in a situation where a window AC unit or baseboard heating would be considered as an option, such as an addition to a house or garage apartment. But, unlike window units, ductless units require only a very small hole to be drilled into the wall, making them less vulnerable to air leakage and security problems. Plus, they’re less visible and quieter to operate.

Mini-split heat pumps are great solutions for heating small areas in the home (known as zones). This is a great option for homes with non-ducted heating systems, such as hydronic (hot water heat), radiant panels, and electric heating systems that are expensive to run (ex: baseboard heating and cadet wall heaters).They can also be a good choice for room additions where extending ductwork is not feasible. 

Mini-split systems are exceedingly energy-efficient. In the average house, you may lose 25 percent or more of your energy to ductwork leaks and heat transfer. Ductless models also have inverter-driven compressors, which speed up or slow down based on the needs of the system rather than shutting off entirely like traditional HVAC systems. Traditional HVAC systems consume a lot of energy during compressor start-up. 

To maintain your mini-split system, you’ll have to wash the unit’s filter monthly or more if you smoke or have pets. Don’t skip washing the filters. Ductless fans can’t handle accumulating debris and dust. If you ignore maintenance and a professional HVAC technician is required to clean, you’ll spend a lot of money and possibly shorten the life of your system. 

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