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Reliable A/C Repair in Gervais, OR

An air conditioner is of no good use if it is not reliable. Having one break down in the middle of a sweltering summer can mean massive discomfort, and a lot of inconvenience waiting for it to be repaired. With Wolfer’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Gervais, OR, you can rest assured that your AC and HVAC system as a whole is in good hands, and won’t let you down when you need it. We provide repair work on any HVAC system, so matter what type and no matter what brand. Call today if you need information or repairs for your HVAC system.

Annual HVAC Tune-Up

With a Wolfer’s Value Plus Plan, you get an annual HVAC inspection and maintenance appointment included in the price. What does this mean? It means that you will have a licensed professional examine every inch of your system to check for inefficiencies and issues. By performing this function on a regular basis, they will be able to repair them before they get too be big problems, which will save you money on big repairs. It will also save you money on energy bills, since a well-maintained HVAC system is more energy-efficient since it will not have to work as hard to blow air through the building. Call in Gervais today for more information.

Fixing Your Furnace in Gervais

Your furnace can keep you warm all winter long and during those cold nights when you would otherwise be shivering. A breakdown in your furnace is not just uncomfortable, but it can affect other things, such as your pipes and even your foundation. Make sure that it is running as well as possible by having a Gervais technician from Wolfer’s provide you with furnace maintenance, repair, and installation services.

Replacing Your Air Conditioning System

Regular inspections and servicing will extend the life of your air conditioner, but there will come a time when you need a new one. That time might come when a repair will simply cost too much, or when certain components have just worn down beyond their usefulness. When that time comes, talk to a specialist at Wolfer’s to help you find a new unit for your home. They will answer questions and give you guidance, and then do the job of installing your new air conditioner for you.

Upgrading Your Attic Insulation

Everyone is looking for ways to lower their energy bills and also lessen their ecological footprint. Having quality insulation in your attic is a great way to help do this. Insulation keeps your warm or cool conditioned air inside the building and prevents the exterior air from getting in. This not only keeps your home comfortable, but it also helps your HVAC system run more efficiently. It will not have to work as hard to compensate for air escaping or seeping into your home. Your attic insulation can break down, so contact Wolfer’s to remove your old insulation and install new more reliable insulation in your attic.

Thermostats in Gervais

The thermostat is the device on your wall that regulates when your HVAC system will turn on and off. Most homes have a standard unit that functions based on when a desired temperature is reached. It will turn on when the temperature goes above that target and shut down when it is reached. However, you can also have a Wolfer’s technician install a programmable thermostat in your home that will not just work based on temperature, but also based on time of day and day of the week. You can make sure that your HVAC system is only running when absolutely necessary. This is more energy-efficient, and also reduces wear and tear on the components.

Air Duct Cleaning Service

Your air ducts work by being the conduit for the conditioned air that is pumped out by your HVAC system. Even if you regularly change your filter, bacteria and mold can still build up in the ducts and get spread throughout the home. This can threaten the health of the people in the home, especially if they have respiratory issues already. By having a Wolfer’s technician come to thoroughly clean and sanitize your ducts, you are making sure that your family is protected against the negative effects of allergens and airborne mold spores.

Air Duct Installation

Despite regular cleaning, as time goes on those nasties can end up seeping into the lining of the ducts and be incredibly stubborn. If your ducts are more than 50 years old, then it is past time to replace them. Not only is it unhealthy, but they can also start to degrade and leak air, which will make your HVAC system have to work harder. For any HVAC needs you might have, call Wolfer’s in Gervais, OR today.