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Best Quality Water Heaters

Water heaters are often overlooked when people think about their plumbing system, but they are essential. Can you imagine doing dishes or taking a shower without one? Of course not. Because they are so important, you want to make sure that yours is always working at its best. Have a Wolfer’s professional inspect and service your heater so that you don’t have an unpleasant cold surprise in the shower. If it turns out that you need a new heater altogether, then an expert at Wolfer’s can discuss your options with you, including getting a tankless water heater.

Reliable Tankless Water Heater Services

Tankless water heater gain in popularity all the time, and many Wolfer’s clients in Amity already have them installed. They offer superior performance since water is heated as it is used, meaning it will never run out. Tankless water heaters use less energy than traditional water heaters, so your energy bills will thank you. With so many benefits, you should at least be considering making a chance. Talk to one of our technicians about how a tankless water heater might be right for your home.

Hot Water Heaters for Your Home

Water heaters comprise a lot of the work we do, so we are always doing what we can to make our plumbers the water heater experts in Amity. Most homes in Amity still have the traditional tank-style water heaters, so our technicians are fully trained to repair any make and model. A representative from Wolfer’s can also install any water heater, which is a job best left to professionals. Call Wolfer’s today for all of your water heater needs.

Water heaters are a big part of our business, which is why all of our plumbers are experts with repairing and installing them. Most homes in the Albany area have tank-style water heaters. They heat up water and store it in the tank until it is needed. A specialist at Wolfer’s can provide you with water heater options that will work for you and your home. Never try to repair or install a water heater on your own. It should only be handled by a licensed professional Call us today for all of your water heater needs.

Repiping For Your Home

If you’ve got an older home, then it might be nearing time for you to have your plumbing system repiped. What does this mean? It means replacing all of the old pipes with new ones that perform better. Pipes will wear down as they get older, and you can end up with rusty water and issues with your water pressure. Eventually, you could have major leaks. Call Wolfer’s to work on repiping your home to make sure that your water is as clean as possible and flowing as well as possible, too.

Wolfer’s Plumbing Inspections

One way to avoid having to make that call is by having your plumbing system inspected regularly by a Wolfer’s expert. They will examine every inch of every component of your system to catch any issues that might be developing. They will then quickly fix those issues so that your system is strengthened and functioning at its best.

Drain Cleaning Services

Some clogs are exceptionally stubborn. Either you can’t remove them with at-home plumbing products, or they keep coming back. Wolfer’s has the clog experts on staff who can remove any annoying clog, and also clean our your drains so that those clogs do not return. Clogs that are not removed can cause havoc to your plumbing system, so make sure to take care of them as soon as possible.

Hydro Jetting

One of the big-gun techniques that Wolfer’s experts use is hydro-jetting. Using specially designed equipment, a technician will send water under high pressure through the pipes to push through any clogs and blockages. It is very effective and can remove clogs in a hurry. If not done properly, hydro-jetting can cause injury to the operator and damage to pipes, so it is a job best left to professionals.

Sewer Line Service

The last thing you want is for your sewer lines to fail. Shifting soil around the lines, and fluctuating extreme temperatures can both cause damage to lines and lead to backups. If sewage backs up into your home, it will be a messy and hazardous situation. Wolfer’s offers camera inspection, repair, maintenance, and replacement of your sewer lines, so call to make sure that yours are always flowing as well as they can.