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Best Quality Water Heaters

Every building has a water heater, and they are the unsung heroes of the plumbing system. A water heater that malfunctions can throw a big wrench into your daily routine. Wolfer’s has worked hard to position itself as the water heater authority in Happy Valley. There is no one better. Do you want to get a sudden shock of cold water when you’re in the shower? Of course not, so make sure that you call Wolfer’s to provide inspection, maintenance, and installation services for your water heater.

Reliable Tankless Water Heater Services

When you need a new water heater, then talk to the experts at Wolfer’s. Many residents and business owners in Happy Valley have switched to modern tankless water heaters. They use an updated technology that allows for water to be heated as it is used, as opposed to storing it hot at all times. This means that you will never run out of hot water, and also that you will use less energy. You will be thankful when you have a high-volume hot water day, and when you get your bills every month. A win-win option.

Hot Water Heaters for Your Home

Most homes, however, still have traditional water heaters in Happy Valley. You can certainly have a new one installed, or if you need servicing for your current ones, Wolfer’s expert technicians are standing by. Fixing a water heater by yourself is never recommended, so have a trained professional from Wolfer’s provide safe and reliable service for you.

Repiping For Your Home

Like anything else, the pipes in your home have a shelf-life. They last for many years, but as they degrade and rust it can start to affect many aspects of your water. The water may start to taste strange or have a funny odor, or you might lose a lot of water pressure. When this starts to happen, contact Wolfer’s to have a specialist remove your old pipes and install new ones. There are safety and quality concerns for this process, so it is best left to the professionals.\

Wolfer’s Plumbing Inspections

Of course, the best way to avoid having to make an emergency call is by having an expert inspect and evaluate your plumbing system every year. They can make sure that everything is functioning properly, and fix any small issues before they grow into disasters. If you invest in inspections and maintenance, you will save money and stress in the future.

Drain Cleaning Services

Have you ever cleared a clog using a plumbing product, only for it to return a short time later? This can be amazingly frustrating. What is probably happening is that you are clearing enough space in the buildup to allow water to go through, but it just closes off again. If you have a difficult clog that keeps returning, then get in touch with Wolfer’s to deal with it permanently. We have specialists who will get the water flowing again and clean the drain completely so that the clog cannot return in the future.

Hydro Jetting

Sometimes cleaning out a drain is relatively simple. In other cases, the technician needs a “big gun” method to fully remove the clot. Hydro jetting is just such a method. It involves blasting water through your drains and pipes at high pressure so that it knocks through blockages and allows your plumbing system to flow properly again. Wolfer’s in Happy Valley has specialists on staff who have the training needed to perform this type of service for you.

Sewer Line Service

The last thing you want is for your sewer lines to back up into your home. It could mean a smelly mess on your bathroom floor that is also a health and safety hazard. To make sure that your lines are in good shape, contact Wolfer’s to have an expert provide you with regular inspection, maintenance, and repair services. You need to be confident that your lines are taking your dirty water away from your Happy Valley home and sending it to the sewer, and Wolfer’s can provide that confidence for you.