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Wolfer’s has been proudly serving the people of Oregon for over 100 years. Our licensed plumbers are your top choice in Salem for all of your plumbing needs. There is no job they can’t handle, big or small. Do not let a plumbing emergency get worse. Call Wolfer’s immediately if you have an issue. 

Best Quality Water Heaters

Water heaters are the unsung heroes of your home plumbing system. They make sure that you have hot water for showering, cleaning dishes, and washing clothes. A home can’t function if the water heater is not working. Call Wolfer’s to schedule a service and inspection appointment so an expert can make sure that yours is running properly. They will be able to repair any problems before they happen so that you aren’t left in the cold all of a sudden. If you need replacement, a Salem plumber can talk to you about your options, such as a tankless water heater, which will help you save money on energy bills.

Reliable Tankless Water Heater Services

Much like their name suggests, tankless water heaters can provide you hot water without the need for a storage tank. Because there are fewer parts, these water heaters tend to last longer than traditional tank-style water heaters. They also use less energy, since they do not have to keep a tank full of water hot at all times. Tankless water heaters have better warranty periods as well. With all of these benefits, switching just seems to make sense. Call Wolfer’s right away to have one of our knowledgeable representatives give you all the information you need to make the switch.

Hot Water Heaters for Your Home

Water heaters are a big part of our business, which is why all of our plumbers are experts with repairing and installing them. Most homes in the Salem area have tank-style water heaters. They heat up water and store it in the tank until it is needed. A specialist at Wolfer’s can provide you with water heater options that will work for you and your home. Never try to repair or install a water heater on your own. It should only be handled by a licensed professional Call us today for all of your water heater needs.

Repiping For Your Home

Much like anything else, pipes will wear down and start to fail as they get older. Some of the signs of failing pipes include a sudden drop in water pressure, brown or rusty water, or difficulty using more than one tap or fixture simultaneously. If your pipes are failing, then you need repiping. This is the process of replacing old pipes with brand new ones. Your water pressure will improve, and the quality of your water will get better as well. Repiping is not a simple procedure, and it requires professional care and precision. Call Wolfer’s in Salem today to replace failing pipes in your home.

Wolfer’s Plumbing Inspections

The best way to avoid an emergency plumbing call is to prevent that emergency in the first place. Wolfer’s offers inspection and maintenance services to keep your plumbing system working at its best at all times. A licensed professional will examine every component of your system and repair any issues, no matter how minor, right away. That means that they will not be able to develop into major problems down the road.

Drain Cleaning Services

If you are having drain clogging issues that can’t seem to be solved with regular at-home solutions, then call the drain experts at Wolfer’s. Our experts can solve your clog issues fast, and clean our the drain fully so that the clog does not come back. Leaving clog to get worse will only lead to further problems in your plumbing system, so do not wait to call and get your water flowing again.

Hydro Jetting

There may come a time when a blockage can’t be cleared by traditional means. In those situations, a plumbing professional may choose to use hydro jetting to blast through the blockage using water under high pressure. Hydro jetting can quickly push through clogs created by anything from built-up grease to tree roots. The equipment used for hydro jetting should only be operated by a trained professional, so call Wolfer’s if you need a big solution to a stubborn clog.

Sewer Line Service

Your sewer line takes all of the dirty water in your home and deposits it in the sewer. Wolfer’s offers camera inspection, repair, replacement and maintenance of sewer lines, and will make sure that your water is flowing away from your home as best as possible. Your lines are affected by shifting soil around the pipes and temperatures that fluctuate, so you could have a problem at any time. Contact Wolfer’s in Salem immediately if you think there is an issue with your sewer lines.