Oak amusement park

The park, which is based as a timed attraction, which the exhibition of 1905 Lewis and Clark Centennial accompanied, was built by the water and railway company of Oregon and opened on May 19, 1905, where the parks of Trolley were Oaks Park has 18 acres of forest with attractions (including classics like bumper cars and roller coaster), carnival and arcade games, mini-golf, a roller skating rink, carousel, and mini train.

For those who love adrenaline, Oaks Park doesn’t have to disappoint. The park’s hair-raising attractions include Zero Gravity, a ride that spins fast enough to push riders against the wall as they spin high off the ground; the Adrenaline Peak roller coaster with a 72-foot (22 m) descent and three reversals; and Atmosphere, a ride that spins and spins through 360 degrees. View photos of all rides and preview videos on the Oaks Park website.

Many little ones can experience their own thrill with rides like Zoom Coaster, Toon Cars, and the nostalgic Big Pink Slide. Enjoy the vintage carousel from 1911 with hand-carved horses and take in breathtaking views of the Willamette River and downtown Portland from the Ferris wheel.

Roller skating in Oaks Park

Speaking of ancient attractions, don’t miss the historic ice rink. It is the largest on the west coast and the last remaining ice rink in the country with live music from a huge Wurlitzer pipe organ on the roof.

There are ice skating courses every day except Monday (when the park is closed) and special events every month. Open skating sessions are $ 10 per person and include ice skate rentals.

Oaks Park may be more reminiscent of a quaint small town fair than a mega-six flags theme park. There are carnival games like ring toss, skeeball, and even an Old West Saloon-style shooting gallery. Inexpensive concessions include summery conveniences like burgers, corn dogs, ice cream, and cotton candy. You can also bring your own display cases and enjoy a riverside picnic between the park’s large picnic tables and shaded lawns with views of the Willamette.

Entry to Oaks Park is free; Tickets or wristbands must be purchased for excursions and other activities. Unlimited ride wristbands are $ 39.95 per person or $ 19.95 if the guest is less than 122 cm tall. Mini golf costs $ 10 per person for a round of 18 holes. Open skating lessons on the rink are $ 10 per person and include ice skate rentals.

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