Heat Pumps Washougal, WA

Should You Add a Heat Pump?

If you are a homeowner or business owner in Washougal, WA, you want to make sure that you have a system to keep your indoor temperature at a comfortable level no matter what the weather is like outside. Washougal has a pretty temperate climate, but there are still periods when it is very hot or very cold. Living and working is much easier when the temperatures inside provide a proper refuge from the elements. Most homes and businesses in Washougal have HVAC systems with a furnace and an air conditioner to manage the temperature. There is another choice, though: heat pumps.

What Is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump can provide both heating and cooling services instead of using both an air conditioner and a furnace. A heat pump works with technology that can extract heat from the air, no matter what the overall temperature is, and transfer it to another place. It can take the hot air and pump it outside in the summer, and do the opposite in the winter. 

They do have some similarities with standard HVAC systems. Heat pumps also use refrigerants to further cool the interior air, and they also use compressors and evaporation coils. While air conditioners and furnaces can only perform their one function, a heat pump can do both. 

More and more Washougal residents and commercial property owners are choosing to install heat pumps either in new builds or as replacements when old HVAC components must be replaced. For the best heat pump contractor Washougal has, call Wolfer’s.

Do Heat Pumps Save Money?

Heat pumps will lower your utility bills. This is because they are more energy-efficient than air conditioners, heaters, and furnaces. Heat pumps can have varying prices, depending on the size of the pump, the quality of the manufacturing, and where you purchase it. On average, a heat pump costs anywhere between $4000 and $7000 to install, though some models can cost up to $10,000. These prices are very similar to the cost of installing an AC unit and a furnace. 

As for the utility bills, a heat pump can help to cut your heating and cooling costs by approximately 30%. They use a very small amount of energy. In fact, but every kilowatt a heat pump consumes, it generates three kilowatts of heat. 

The average family in Washougal spends approximately $300 a month on their energy bills. In general, 40% of energy costs are related to heating and cooling. With a 30% cut of that cost, you can expect to save $36 a month, or $4320 after 10 years. At that point, the cost of installing the unit will have been made back, and the pump will still have many more years of providing comfortable air and substantial savings. Plus, installing a heat pump may also make you eligible for certain tax breaks related to energy efficiency. 

Types of Heat Pumps

There are three types of heat pumps: 

  1. Air-to-air
  2. Gas-fired 
  3. Geothermal

Air-source Heat Pumps

In Washougal, the most common type of heat pump is the air-to-air type. This is the type mentioned above that moves heat from one place to another. In the summer, it pulls heat from inside the building and pumps it outside. In the winter, it extracts whatever heat there is from the cold air and brings it inside. An air-to-air heat pump will use around 50% less electricity than a space heater as well as providing dehumidifying benefits. This makes them even better when the humidity is high during certain months. Even in the coldest places in the country, heat pumps can still do the job. 

If you have an older home or building without ductwork, then a mini-split heat pump is your best option. You can also go with a reverse cycle chiller heat pump if you have a home with radiant floor heating. This type generates heating and cooling with hot and cold water instead of with air. 

Gas-fired Heat Pumps

Gas-fired heat pumps are also called absorption heat pumps. They use other sources of fuel than electricity, including propane and solar power. However, natural gas is the most common for these heat pumps. These pumps also use ammonia instead of refrigerant to further cool the air. 

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Some heat pumps don’t even draw from the air to get their heat. Geothermal heat pumps extract and transfer heat from the ground, structures, and water sources. The benefits of a geothermal heat pump include: 

  • They reduce energy use by 30-60%
  • They control humidity well
  • They are robust and dependable
  • They are suitable for a range of homes and buildings
  • They can be used in regions with more extreme temperatures

Heat Pump Installation and Repair Contractor Washougal, WA

Heat pumps must be professionally installed, serviced, and repaired. Washougal residents and commercial property owners need the best heat pump company Washougal has.

Call Wolfer’s for your Washougal heat pump installation and repair.