Wolfers Technical Academy
HVAC Training Program

Your Journey Begins Here

Our 6 month program is built and designed to teach and train you to be an effective entry-level maintenance technician.

Your journey begins by learning the importance and application of Residential HVAC systems, and familiarize yourself with the history, theory, materials, and tools of the trade.

It will also grow your technical and soft skills while being guided closely by an experienced training leader with over 30 years experience, in a safe and controlled environment. This course will help you develop the daily habits and discipline to positively impact your life as well as prepare you for the next chapter in your career as an HVAC professional.

A Comprehensive Curriculum

The Wolfers Technical Academy curriculum consists of 4 different levels that includes HVAC fundamentals, basic and intermediate skills, followed by advance skills and customer Interaction training.

In addition to customer service soft skills, the course outline covers safety principles and basic understanding of electricity, industry tool usage, component identification, and troubleshooting of heating and cooling equipment.

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NATE Training & Testing Provider

What You Get Out Of It

Additionally, our graduates can expect to leave this academy with the necessary certifications to be an entry level maintenance technician which include but are limited to: EPA certification, Brazing certification, and the NATE “ready to work” certificate.

What our students are saying about the class:

“Everyone here at Wolfer’s wants you to succeed. They do everything that they can to help you and they have a wealth of knowledge open for anyone that wants to tap into it. It’s a great work environment that is always promoting growth”

“Pursuing a stable and meaningful career attracted me to the trades. I am excited to be able to provide for myself while providing a meaningful and much needed service for customers when they need it most”