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Reliable A/C Repair in Battleground, WA

There’s nothing worse than your AC unit breaking down in the middle of summer. Sleeping at night becomes sticky and uncomfortable, and the days are filled trying to find relief from the heat. However, if you call Wolfer’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Battleground, WA, you can rest your head all year-round that your AC unit and furnace will be ready to go when the weather hits. If you need a new HVAC system, the experts at Wolfer’s can find a suitable replacement for you, install it, and provide you with all the information you need to run it efficiently and effectively.

A Wolfer’s Value Plus plan includes a yearly inspection and maintenance visit so that you can be confident in your AC unit and so that it will last as long as possible. Drop Wolfer’s a line for more information about this and the other services we provide.

Annual HVAC Tune-Up

Your AC unit works around the clock to provide you with comfortable air no matter the temperature outside. With Wolfer’s, you can make that it keeps doing it for as long as possible. You do not want to suffer through an AC breakdown when the temperature is at its highest, and Wolfer’s provides inspection and maintenance services to prevent small issues from turning into big disasters. Having regular maintenance for your AC unit means that it will run as efficiently as possible. That means that your AC unit will use less energy and won’t be hard on your budget. Investing in inspection and maintenance means investing in your peace of mind and in your energy usage and savings.

Fixing Your Furnace in Battleground

Your furnace provides you with the warm air you need when it starts to get chilly outside. No one wants to be cold even when they are in their homes. Wolfer’s has furnace specialists on hand who can work on any furnace, no matter what their make or model. They will fix your issues quickly so that you can be comfortable again.

Replacing Your Air Conditioning System

If you find that you have to fix your AC unit on an all-too-regular basis, or that it’s just very old and not efficient, then it is probably time for a new unit. Getting a new air conditioner will not just mean more consistent cool air, it will also mean you save on your energy bills. New air conditioners are more efficient than older models. Plus, your old AC unit was probably using up a lot of energy to make up for its lack of performance. A Wolfer’s representative can help you choose a new unit and install it for you.

Upgrading Your Attic Insulation

Your insulation is what keeps your home sealed and the temperature constant. If your insulation is no longer fully protecting your home, you need to have it replaced. Your attic insulation might be the most important insulation in your home. If you notice that it is wet, or that there is a draft, you need to replace the insulation immediately. Contact Wolfer’s to have your old insulation removed safely, and your new upgraded insulation installed quickly afterward.

Thermostats in Battleground

You need two things from your thermostat: you need it to help regulate the temperature and provide comfort, and you need it to work efficiently. Having it shut off when the desired temperature is reached is one way to be efficient. However, a programmable thermostat can take it to the next level. Not only will it shut off when the HVAC unit is at the right temperature, but you can also set it to turn on and off when it suits your lifestyle best. A representative can help you choose one that’s right for your home. Once you’ve made your choice, we can help install it and teach you how to use it.

Air Duct Cleaning Service

You may not think much about your ducts, but they are silently doing their job distributing air throughout the home. Problems can arise when the air that is being spread around has allergens, bacteria, and mold spores included. It can be a serious hazard to health, which can be solved by having a Wolfer’s technician in Battleground, WA clean out your ducts. This will remove the nasties that can cause breathing problems, and improve the air quality in the home.

Air Duct Installation

You can get your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis, but at some point, they will have to be replaced. If your ducts are 50 years of age or over, then that time is now. If your ducts are plastic, then it can be even sooner, since mold cannot always be removed through simple cleaning. Wolfer’s can provide replacement services for your Battleground home. Call 360-980-1104 today for this, and any other HVAC services you might need.