Waterfront Renaissance Trail: A complete enjoyment destination

The Waterfront Renaissance Trail gives an attainable, scenic getaway for outdoor fans of all scales. The five miles of paved pathways and interpretive trails joined downtown Vancouver with the Columbia River waterfront’s shops, restaurants, and historical attractions. There are various locations to stop on your way.

Background of the Waterfront Renaissance Trail-

In the 1990s, Vancouver started a 20-year alteration of its industrial waterfront to permit more public spaces on or looking over the Columbia River. Thus, the Waterfront Renaissance Trail was constructed; the path runs from Esther Short Park to Wintler Community Park. There is a 14-foot-wide pedestrian/bicycle path; you can also use the sidewalks, including a 1.2-mile segment behind a huge business park.

There are resonances in modern life that are never far away. These include boats on the river, traffic on Columbia Way, diesel trains on the BNSF railroad, planes taking off from PDX – you’ll also get sight of snow-capped Cascade peaks and can see waterfowl on the riverside. Some indications tell the history of the native and European people in the region, and you’ll walk under cottonwoods and past a wetland to a public beach. You can also start your walk on the property at the Grant Street Trailhead.

Rules and Regulations to be followed-

  • Put a leash on Dogs.
  • Restrooms, playgrounds, interpretive signs
  • There is parking for different sites of this location
  • The park will be closed between 10:00 p.m. – 5:00 a.m.

Traveling through the trails of Waterfront Renaissance is a huge experience. You can come back down the Waterfront Renaissance Trail or Waterfront Way to Esther Street. Remember the guidelines, i.e., you have to follow Esther north to pass under the Burlington Northern railroad and reach Esther Short Park.


Waterfront Renaissance Trail is a complete enjoyment location. Traveling through the trails is an amazing experience. Certain guidelines need to be followed while traveling through the trails. Keep all the safety measures with yourself to avoid any injury. Therefore enjoy your day at the Waterfront Renaissance Trail and feel a sense of peace and calmness.

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