Traveling through the luster of Whipple Creek Regional Park

Whipple Creek Regional Park covers a 300-acre stand of native forest in the North Vancouver area. One of its features includes over four miles of mixed-use trails. The regional hiking park connects the South Ridge and Grist Mill Loops which gives the beautiful surroundings of the park. The park is deliberately forested with a labyrinth of marked and unmarked trails. You should download a copy of the regional park map from the official website. The residue of a stone mill and other relics of rural living are some of the high points.

Be prepared to step aside for horses: The Park is a very well-liked riding location because of its proximity to a boarding firm. Many trails are not as muddy as they used to be; others may be closed in the winter. You can find your way via the map or follow the directions. The longer lollipop loop narrated here starts at Fairgrounds Community Park. A shorter loop of 3.2 miles starts at the Whipple Creek 21st Avenue North Trailhead and remains within the park.

It is a deep-forest involvement without the drive. This hike loops through colossal Douglas fir trees and waist-high sword ferns to give an ancient involvement where the natural world dwarfs you. There is a small field for a picnic and the remains of a grist mill to travel over. This hike is a considerable way to get away from urban life and be submerged in a peaceful forest environment.

Facilities provided at Whipple Creek Regional Park –

  • There are multi-use hiking and equestrian trails.
  • The parking lot at Northwest 21st Avenue entrance
  • The park is also a pristine, peaceful forest habitat and is home to many kinds of wildlife, including woodpeckers, hawks, deer, flying squirrels, herons and beavers.


Whipple Creek Regional Park begins with fairgrounds Community Park. It is a deep-wood involvement where the trails can be muddy. Follow the guidelines, which include wearing shoes you don’t mind getting dirty, packing some precautionary insect repellent, and bringing your childhood sense of adventure.

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