Places you should visit in South Burlingame | Attractive destinations you must visit

This is denoted as the old neighborhood that was an established one. This is a place established in the year 1910, and it is also known as Carson Heights. Once the place was filled with hummingbirds, the name of the place remained Hummingbird Hill also. These are the areas you can visit while traveling to this place. Hopefully, you will enjoy the trip.

Burlingame Park and Fulton Park

If you are searching for an amusement park near South Burlingame, Portland this is the place where you can visit. This one is a very attractive place for children situated on almost 5 acres of land. This is a place that is also made with plenty of green space that is very attractive to both children and adults.

Multnomah Village

This is a famous surrounding village of South Burlingame. This is a place filled with excellent restaurants and markets that you should visit at least once so that you will be able to explore the famous attractions of this place. If you want to explore the local lifestyle, you can visit this place and spend the whole day here. So, if you love to explore the beauty of the place, you can spend your whole day especially and attractively.

Stephens Creek Nature Park

This is another local attraction of the place. The creek of the nature park is denoted as one of three major watersheds in southwest Portland. The place is also filled with exotic natural beauties so that you will explore the natural beauty of the place. You can also search for the natural attractions here that will remain suitable for you and help you make you feel so amazing. You can also visit this place and get the natural attractions here.


Whenever you are searching for one of the best places to travel, you must visit these places. These consist of enough amusement facilities to make you feel happy. You can also collect some of the best memories from these places and make your trip a memorable one.

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