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Don’t Let Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality Suffer This Winter

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During the winter there are advantages to staying inside your home where it’s nice and warm. The only problem with that is that you can’t enjoy the fresh air by opening up some windows because the air is much too cold. Since you’ll be breathing more indoor air during the winter, it’s a good time to focus on the indoor air quality in your home.

There are plenty of things you can do to improve your home’s air quality. Some are relatively easy, while some require a bit more work. Improving your home’s indoor air quality could also help you avoid getting sick as easily. Read on to learn about several ways to improve your home’s air quality.

HVAC Registers and Vents

These vents get dusty because all the air from your HVAC system blows through them. You can use the wand attachment on a vacuum or a flexible duster to clean these out.

Ceiling Fan Blades

It can be difficult to see the tops of your ceiling fan blades, but they likely have dust on them. This means every time you use them they blow dust through your home. Clean them off using a duster of some kind and then reverse your ceiling fan direction. It should turn clockwise which creates an updraft and circulates warm air.


Having your ducts cleaned out can remove lots of dust and allergens from the air. You’ll need to have a professional do the job because they have special equipment and plenty of experience.


You should be changing your home’s air filters on a regular basis. This is especially important during the winter and summer when you use your HVAC system the most.

Air Filtration System

Having one of these professionally installed can make a big difference in your indoor air quality. They will remove microscopic particles that travel through HVAC filters. An air filtration system may also make your HVAC system more efficient and last longer.

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