Dog in front of fan

Four Hacks to Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer Heat

Dog in front of fan

The most obvious way to stay cool during the heat is to stay indoors and turn down your air conditioning.

While that’s an easy and effective way to stay cool, it can get expensive if you do it for the whole summer. You can still use your A/C reasonably if you pair it with some other ways to stay cool and save you money on cooling costs.

  1. A/C – Turn your air up at least a degree or two if you can handle it. The more you turn it up the more you’ll save, but you also need to keep your comfort a priority. Be sure to keep windows and doors closed so the cool air stays inside your home.
  2. Fans – Using a fan is a good way to keep cool and circulate the air. You might want to try placing a fan next to a door or window. Make sure ceiling fans are rotating in the proper direction which is counterclockwise during the summer in most cases.
  3. Cooking – The oven can heat up your kitchen considerably. Consider making meals that don’t need the oven or do your meal prep in advance so you only have to turn it on once or twice a week. Take advantage of cookouts and foods that are already prepared in the store.
  4. Blinds – This may be obvious but close the blinds as much as you can during the day when the sun beats in your windows. Even with the blinds closed most of the way you should still have enough light to see. You can turn on a light or two which is probably cheaper than running the A/C to cool down your home from the sunlight.

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