Air conditioners near plants

How to Prevent Thieves from Stealing Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners near plants

If you haven’t heard about thieves targeting air conditioners, it’s not too late to secure yours and make it more difficult for them.

Thieves use air conditioners for scrap metal, typically getting around $20 for all the parts. It’s pretty sad that someone would go to these lengths just for some pocket change, but it does mean that you’ll want to take some steps to stop thieves from stealing your air conditioner.

  • Keep It On Lock
    One of the most effective things you can do is to purchase a cage to surround your condenser unit. These can be somewhat expensive and typically require professional installation, but it means not having to replace your A/C unit with a brand new one. Be sure the cage you use allows for maximum airflow.
  • Make It Lit
    Air conditioner thieves are more likely to strike under the cover of darkness, so keeping your unit lit up is a good deterrent. Use security lights set to a motion detector. It’s a good idea to have them all around your home, but make sure some are focused on the A/C unit.
  • Put Your Name On It
    Chances are that a stolen air conditioner cannot be recovered, but in the event that it ends up with a scrupulous dealer, etching your name and the unit’s serial number somewhere on it could help it be returned to you or at least lead to the thieves being tracked down.

There are some other things you can do to prevent thieves from stealing your air conditioner including having it connected to your home’s security system, keeping it in the open away from furniture or plants that could cover it, and having it installed on the roof if possible. For all your HVAC needs in Woodburn, Oregon, contact Wolfers Heating at 503-220-1901.