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Living Without Air Conditioning Can Damage Your Brain

Person in front of fan

Most people know that air conditioning is a necessity during summer, but some people actually live without it.

That’s typically because they think it’s too expensive for them to have their A/C system repaired or replaced. We know that not staying cool enough during summer can take its toll on you physically, but it can also damage your brain.

Being in the heat outdoors or inside can make you feel a bit slow and sluggish. That’s the case because the human brain starts to lose normal function once it’s exposed to high temperatures. A study was conducted and found that college students who had air conditioning in their dorms were able to focus better than those who didn’t have A/C.

While not staying cool enough negatively impacted young people’s brains, scientists say that it can be even worse for the elderly, children, or those with certain medical conditions. While this goes to show the importance of having a properly working air conditioner in your home, it’s also important that children in school and workers in offices have A/C as well.

As temperatures continue to rise it becomes more apparent that nobody can “get by” without air conditioning unless you live in a very cold climate. Our brains are negatively affected by high temperatures or hyperthermia.

Dr. Jose Guillermo Cedeno-Laurent led the study at Harvard University and commented that “the brain is the center of control for every process in our life”. This goes to show that heat is as bad for our brains as it is for our bodies. The study shows that having a properly functioning air conditioner in your home to keep you cool is critical and should not be dismissed.

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